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AirDrop not working on your Mac (El Capitan or Sierra), new iPhone 8, iOS 10/iOS 11 or other Apple devices? There are troubleshootings for general file AirDrop is an Apple's on-the-air file transfer app using a low-latency, high-speed peer-to-peer protocol. It is a way to drop files between devices that.. How to turn on Airdrop for Mac OS Sierra AirDrop not working, again? Try its best alternative - MacX MediaTrans to easily transfer photos, music, videos, ebooks, ringtone, iTunes U and more from iOS 12/11/10 iPhone iPad iPod to Mac (macOS High Sierra/Mojave) and vice versa without Wi-Fi/Bluetooth needed AirDrop not working on your Mac running macOS Sierra or OS X El Capitan? Compared with AirDrop, MobiMover enables you to transfer more types of files between iPhone and Mac. In addition, MobiMover also supports the data transfer between iPhone and Windows PC, which is not allowed by..

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AirDrop Troubleshooting Guide. Here are some suggestions and tips that our readers tell us get AirDrop working on their devices and Macs. I have a High Sierra Mac Pro trashcan and 3 iPod Touches and an iPad. None of them see each other via AirDrop. It worked once, then never again You wanna use AirDrop on your Mac to Mac or Mac to iOS 9.2 or later then you need turn off ''Block all incoming communications'' in the firewall. Hope you can see your Mac AirDrop name on other Apple Device. Even still the AirDrop not working on Mac EI Capitan then you should try given an alternative Enable AirDrop on both Macs just like part 1, when the user icons appear in the AirDrop list, drag and drop files to the Mac you want to send files to, click Send button. On the file receiving Mac, there will be a notice asking to save the file or not, click Save to start file transferring

The AirDrop functionality in macOS lets that you easily transfer files from iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads as well as other Macs to your own 1. Turn on AirDrop on your Mac by going to Finder and choosing AirDrop from the Favorites menu. 2. Change the availability to Everyone in the drop.. AirDrop lets you wirelessly beam almost anything from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to any other recent Apple device. It uses Bluetooth 4.x for power-efficient broadcast and discovery, and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi for speedy transfer. The entire process isn't just simple, it's incredibly secure... when it works What is AirDrop? AirDrop was first introduced with Mac OS X Lion and allowed Mac users to share files with other from the Finder, and without copying them to a server or cloud storage service first, as long as they were physically close to each other. Since iOS 7, it has also been possible to share files.. Here's how to turn on AirDrop and use it to move files between an iPhone and a Mac To use AirDrop on Mac using the drag and drop method, Choose the AirDrop option from the sidebar of the Finder window. Wait for the list of AirDrop users within your Mac's Bluetooth range to appear. Go to the location of the file that you want to share

Airdrop outbound not working in 10.13.6. I created a fresh install of macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on my HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY). Hi, I have a problem with Airplay whether it is Hy I would like ask that is possible use airdrop only just use Ethernet with High Sierra hackintosh Finding AirDrop on the Mac is easy. The default Finder setting has it appear in the sidebar to the left AirDrop is a feature that Apple introduced on iPads and iPhones running iOS 7. This feature had already been available on Apple's MacBook long before that. However, since MacBooks did not possess the technology required, i.e. they did not use Bluetooth and WiFi in conjunction, it was not.. AirDrop allows Apple users to share photos, videos, locations and other kinds of files over the air from one Apple device to another compatible Apple device. In order to successfully AirDrop Mac to iPhone and other iOS devices, you need to check if your devices support AirDrop

Drag and drop not working on Mac High Sierra? Here's the fix. AirDrop for Mac's: How to activate, fix, and use AirDrop on any Apple Mac computer running Lion Tutorial Mac #99 - Soluzione problemi Airdrop tra Mac diversi. iPhone 7 and 8: How To Air Drop With iOS 11 and The New Control Center AirDrop between a Mac and an iOS device also requires an iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later, iPad mini, or fifth-generation iPod touch. To test it out, go to the AirDrop menu in Finder and notice that your iOS device is represented by circle. Drag and drop a file onto the circle, and your iOS device will.. For security, AirDrop encrypts content as it travels through the air. AirDrop must be manually enabled in Control Center on iOS devices and in the Mac's Finder for it to work. On iOS, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center and tap AirDrop to select your discoverability mode At $30 for all of your Macs, the only reason not to upgrade to Lion is because you rely on old PowerPC-based apps that won't run on it. Otherwise, it's a great price for a major upgrade

Try using AirDrop and Handoff to check whether they are working or not. If not, read below for other possible fixes. In case you aren't aware, the latest version of OS X El Capitan is 10.11.2, try updating to it. If that did not resolve the issue, try resetting network settings on your iPhone or iPad Airdrop Mac OS X et iOS permet d'échanger du contenu de Mac à Mac ou de Mac vers iPhone / iPad (photos, documents, vidéos, contacts...). D'un Mac à l'autre, c'est très simple. Il faut se rendre depuis le Finder au sous-menu AirDrop. Sur l'iMac on voit bien le MacBook Pro Retina Apple introduced AirDrop in 2011. AirDrop enables easy transfer of files between Macs and Apple devices over the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network If AirDrop appears in the drop down list then your Mac can use AirDrop. To AirDrop content between Macs and iOS devices you must be running OS..

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  1. Open AirDrop on both Macs, you can do this through any Finder window by clicking AirDrop in the sidebar or by hitting Command+Shift+R from anywhere on the Mac OS X desktop. Drag and drop files to the Mac you want to send files to, click the Send button when asked to confirm
  2. For security, AirDrop encrypts content as it travels through the air. AirDrop must be manually enabled in Control Center on iOS devices and in the Mac's Finder for it to work. On iOS, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center and tap AirDrop to select your discoverability mode
  3. > How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone/iPad. > What if your iPhone/iPad can't see/be seen for AirDrop? All files sent to a Mac using AirDrop land in the Downloads folder, unlike on the iPhone or iPad where they would automatically appear in the relevant app
  4. 7. AirDropping to a Legacy Mac. AirDrop supports a number of older devices, even if they employ a different Bluetooth version. To get around this hindrance, Apple implemented two different AirDrop protocols: one that works with newer Bluetooth 4.0 Macs and the other for older Macs (specifically..
  5. Drag the AirDrop icon from the Finder folder to your Dock and drop it. Now, you've got a super-fast way to open an AirDrop window to quickly send files from your Mac. And for the record, the fastest way to open AirDrop -- without adding it to your Dock -- is to use Spotlight, ask Siri, or open Finder and..
  6. With Yosemite and iOS 8 you can use AirDrop to share files between your Mac and iOS devices. This is one of the features of Continuity, which further integrates and connects your Mac and iOS devices. Continuity also includes Handoff, Instant Hotspot, iPhone Cellular Calls and SMS Relay

AirDrop is a peer-to-peer file sharing system for local Mac and iOS users. It's easy to set up with just a click or two; no special information or settings are Just drag-and-drop a file to share with others. In this Rocket Yard Guide, we're going to take a look at AirDrop's history, the basics of its use, and a tip.. If the receiving Mac's AirDrop is configured to accept items from contacts only, ensure that both devices are signed in to iCloud. You also need to make sure that the email address or phone number linked to your Apple ID is in the Contacts app of the receiving device. System Requirements of AirDrop In fact, AirDrop is an implementation of Wi-Fi Direct, the technology that allows two devices to establish a wireless connection and share data. So there will be some alternatives that let you achieve the same thing on other platforms as well. In this article, I will show you several alternatives to AirDrop that do a..

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  1. AirDrop for Mac's: How to activate, fix, and use AirDrop on any Apple Mac computer running Lion OS X619b3rt. In this video I show you how to Enable/Disable Airdrop on a Mac. If this helped you please drop a like, I'd really appreciate it
  2. Before you can AirDrop a file, we need to enable AirDrop on your iPhone or iPad. It's a simple process on iOS and Mac — I'll walk you through it below. When someone AirDrops a file to your Mac, you'll get a notification with a preview of the file being sent and the sender's name. Click on the preview and..
  3. g convention that represents a full circle rebranding of the Mac operating system
  4. On a Mac, when you select AirDrop in a Finder window sidebar or choose Go > AirDrop, you'll see a window with icons for nearby people who can receive files. Control your own visibility at the foot of the window. When you drag files and folders and drop them onto someone's icon, the recipient is..
  5. Older Macs will never share files through Airdrop with your iPhone or iPad due to lack of Bluetooth 4.0. This has been tested working on macOS Sierra 10.12.3. 5. The installation should now begin. Backup of some system files would be made in case you need to uninstall this tool
  6. AirDrop is a service that Apple added to iOS and Mac devices to share files since iOS 7 and Mac OS X lion (10/7). By using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AirDrop enables you to transfer Normally, it is pretty simple to share files from iPhone to Mac after turning on AirDrop on both of your iPhone and Mac computer

Ensure that you have AirDrop enabled on your Mac. Computers that come with OS X version 10.7 and later have AirDrop automatically enabled, and can be found in the left menu of any Finder window. Drag and drop the files that you want to send to the other Mac AirDrop macht den Dateiaustausch auch zwischen Macs möglich, die sich nicht in einem gemeinsamen Netzwerk befinden. Solltest Du einen älteren Mac haben, der AirDrop laut Apple nicht unterstützt, so tauch bei Dir im Finder der Eintrag AirDrop nicht au Vediamo come attivare e configurare AirDrop sul Mac, il sistema di trasferimento wireless dei file tra i dispositivi Apple. Il Mac da questo momento sarà rintracciabile nella modalità selezionata. All'interno della finestra AirDrop vengono inoltre mostrati gli utenti AirDrop nelle vicinanze

AirDrop lets you easily share files between Macs and iOS devices, but some older Macs are locked out of this handy zero-config file-sharing tool. Not only this, but if you want to use Ethernet rather than your Wi-Fi network to share your files, you're out of luck ..ora il tool per attivare AirDrop sui Mac non supportati, supporta anche adattatori USB Bluetooth LE 4.0 Guida per utilizzare Handoff, Instant Hotspot e AirDrop sui Mac non supportati. Utilizzare il tool è ciao simone, non riesco proprio a far funzionare il tool con l'ultima versione di sierra, il sistema.. AirDrop, the seemingly magical technology that allows you to send links, files, and media between iPhones, iPads, and Mac seems easy enough to understand on AirDrop works on a device to device connection based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. It's compatible with Macs running OS X 10.7 Lion and..

macOS Sierra (version 10.12) is the thirteenth major release of macOS (previously OS X), Apple Inc.'s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. As the successor to OS X El Capitan, it was the first version of the operating system issued under the June 2016 rebranding as macOS AirDrop è una funzione dei dispositivi Apple per condividere foto e altri file: come attivarlo e come utilizzarlo su iPhone, iPad e Mac. Partiamo dalle basi: che cos'è AirDrop? Banalmente, è il sistema più rapido per condividere foto e altri tipi di file tra iPhone, iPad e Mac che sono connessi alla stessa.. It started out as a Mac-to-Mac thing, and then iPhone-to-iPhone, but with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, AirDrop becomes even more powerful: Now you can Screengrab: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac. Enable AirDrop in your devices. First, make sure you're running iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite if you want to..

Sierra will work on Macs up to seven years old. (If your computer is older than that, it's probably time If it's any other kind of Mac -- an Air, Pro, Mini or Pro desktop Spotlight Search now finds files you've created, printed, shared, emailed, messaged and sent via AirDrop, or posted to Twitter or Facebook Popular Alternatives to AirDrop for Mac. Explore 13 Mac apps like AirDrop, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. A network file-sharing application that makes sending a file to another machine on the local network as easy as dragging-and-dropping On the Mac, there are two ways to use AirDrop. The first is to go to AirDrop in the Finder by choosing Go > AirDrop, or pressing Command-Shift-R. If you send a photo via AirDrop to a Mac, the receiver will have two options as to how to save it. If they click Accept, they can choose to save it to the Photos.. AirDrop is available from the Finder, the Share menu, and in Open and Save windows. When you choose AirDrop, OS X looks for any nearby computers that have also selected AirDrop. Use one of the following methods to share a file wirelessly with another Mac nearby AirDrop not working on your iOS or Mac device? Luckily getting AirDrop working properly does not have to be a hair-pulling event. These five tips can get you sharing photos, web pages, just about any kind of data between your iOS devices and your Macs

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  1. Apparently, for AirDrop to work natively (with Lion and Mountain Lion, only) Apple requires the existence of hardware necessary to support a certain People reported that even for newer models, I need to activate this feature on every Mac in my local network in order to use it properly, including..
  2. AirDrop is an ad-hoc service in Apple Inc.'s OS X and iOS operating systems, introduced in Mac OS X Lion (aka OS X 10.9) and iOS 7 that enables users to Drag-&-drop the item you wish to share to the other person's icon and click the Send button. For example, a user on 1110mac-45 wants to share a..
  3. AirDrop is a quick and easy way to transfer files between an iOS device and a Mac computer. There are steps involved to make sure the process is set 2. Macs with older versions of OS X must have an AirDrop window open during the transfer. To open an AirDrop window navigate to the menu bar in..

Con Airdrop puedes compartir fotos, vídeos, sitios web, ubicaciones y mucho más con la gente que tengas cerca y que use un dispositivo Apple. Para compartir contenido con AirDrop , las dos personas necesitáis uno de estos dispositivos ejecutando iOS 7 o posterior, o bien un Mac con OS X.. Using AirDrop to transfer content with a Mac is a little more complex. You can use AirDrop to transfer from Mac to Mac, or between a Mac and an iOS device. If you want to transfer between two Macs, you need to have Wi-Fi turned on and you need to be running OS X Lion or later

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AirDrop is a great way to move files between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. The feature allows you to quickly send photos, videos, documents, notes, and more between your Apple devices. When you send a file via AirDrop, where does it go? Let's take a look AirDrop was introduced with Mac OS X 10.7, Lion. Joining the other favorites in the Finder sidebar, this little chute allows you to easily share files locally Although AirDrop works like a charm, there's one problem that's hard to miss. Being designed specifically for Mac OS X, it offers no help in transferring.. Does my Mac Have AirDrop? To determine whether your Mac is already AirDrop enabled, visit Finder and look for AirDrop in the sidebar or from the 'Go' menu item for Finder. Another way to find out is to launch AirDrop in Finder by pressing Shift, Command and R, together

We demonstrate how to use AirDrop on a Mac running OS X 10.9 Mavericks. For some inexplicable reason this doesn't work between a Mac and an iOS device like the iPad Air or iPhone 5s even if the iOS device runs iOS 7. So here's how to make it work between two Macs You've got AirDrop, and that's pretty cool, but what if you're not a single OS household? You have a Mac, but your significant other has a PC. In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple introduced what appeared to be a pretty promising feature called AirDrop. The goal was simple: to let you simply share files across..

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Apple has confirmed that MacOS Sierra will not be compatible with certain older Mac computers. Apple has officially announced MacOS Sierra, and the change to its naming convention isn't the only way that the package will make a clean break from OS X. The company has also confirmed that the.. Ist AirDrop aktiviert? Auf dem Mac müsst ihr AirDrop im Finder über die Menüleiste aktivieren. Im vorgenanntenArtikel werden auch ältere Mac erklärt. Ich habe einen Mac Book Air mitte 2011 leider finde ich diese Funktionen Finden ältere Macs These are instructions on how to enable AirDrop on older unsupported Macs. If you are running OS X Lion or higher and don't see AirDrop in your Finder you may want to perform these steps. Step One Launch Terminal from your Applications:Utilities folder AirDrop is a dead-simple OS X service for beaming files back and forth between Macs wirelessly, but a simple terminal command can make it even better. This command will enable Airdrop file sharing over faster ethernet connections, and unlock the feature on unsupported Macs and Hackintosh builds

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AirDrop makes it easy to quickly share photos, files, and more between iOS and macOS. But one lesser known feature is the ability to AirDrop websites While in our own personal case we most often send websites from our iOS device to our Mac, the ability to AirDrop websites works in any direction.. AirDrop, a free ad-hoc service provided in OS X and iOS operating systems, enables users to transfer files from iOS to iOS, Mac to Mac, iOS to Mac and Mac to iOS without using email or mass storage device. AirDrop makes file share and transfer so easy. However, there are several requirements for.. In OS X, any file received via AirDrop is automatically placed into your Downloads folder. The Downloads folder can be found inside of your Users In iOS, AirDrop files can be retrieved by opening the app associated with that file. For instance, if you were sent a photo via AirDrop you will find the..

Cuando quieres usar AirDrop entre ordenadores Mac, ambos tienen que ser posteriores al año 2012 y deben tener instalado la última versión de OS X, Yosemite. Que tal en mi MacBook Pro (A1286 early 2011, actualizado a Sierra) no se visualiza en AirDrop mi iphone 5s Sierra Mac specializes in Tuolumne River Rafting, Merced River Rafting and Yosemite Rafting Trips. Founded in 1965, Sierra Mac is a locally based, family-owned business. We are located just 15 miles outside Yosemite's northwest entrance on Highway 120, perched above the Tuolumne River canyon Best Airdrop Alternative. Thankfully we do have a fair share of alternatives for Airdrops and these work across all the platforms including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Most of these wireless file transfer tools work by making use of the WiFi direct feature. All of this is possible since WiFi direct will.. AirDrop support is limited to Mac OS X Lion, and requires modern Wi-Fi hardware from Atheros or Broadcomm. Most recent machines include capable hardware, but the early Broadcomm BCM4321 found in the early This makes it unlikely that it will spread beyond the Macintosh computer range

AirDrop is a feature that allows you to wirelessly send and receive photos, videos, websites, locations, and more with nearby Apple devices running on iOS Where is AirDrop on iPhone & How to Receive AirDrop Files 1. Open Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of your screen if you.. Macs are getting dropped for the first time since Mountain Lion in 2012. Older Macs, mostly models from 2007, 2008, and 2009, won't run this fall's new macOS Sierra. Many of these Macs were already missing out on Yosemite and El Capitan-era features like AirDrop, Continuity, and the Metal.. macOS High Sierra introduces many new features to Mac users. In possibly one of the largest, though largely unseen updates, here is the non-exhaustive list of everything thats new.

Learn how to use AirDrop to share files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac www.unlockboot.com/how-does-airdrop-work/ This is Airdrop for Android, using bluetooth to transfer files between my android galaxy s9 and my macBook Pro 15 with touch bar ..Token (AIRDROP) Airdrop United (UTD) AIREP (AIREP) Airin (AIRIN) Airline and Life Networking (ALLN) AirSwap (AST) AirToken (AIR) AirWire (SCC) SiaClassic (SCC) Siacoin (SC) SiamBitcoin (SBTC) SiaPrime Coin (SCP) SIBCoin (SIB) SID Token (SIDT) Sierracoin (SIERRA) SIGMAcoin

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Mit AirDrop Inhalte eines iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch freigeben: support.apple.com/de-de/HT204144 Mit AirDrop Inhalte von einem Mac übertragen: support.apple.com/de-de/HT203106 ▸ Deine Frage oder dein Problem wurde nicht gelöst? Stelle deine Frage mit dem Hashtag #fragJOCR auf: ▸ NO-vid.. A lot of people are having problems installing the verge wallet on the latest mac os and I was one of those people. When I first tried the install basically failed and I gave up for a while #macOS #Hackintosh #High Sierra #Sierra #OS X #mac #Apple #10.13 #install #installation #tutorial #german #deutsch #komplett #complete #unibeast #multibeast Das Tutorial funktioniert genau wie für High Sierra auch für Mojave, einzig und allein die im Video gezeigten Tools müssen durch die Mojave..

 AirDrop, sistema de transferencia inalámbrica. que permite compartir archivos entre dispositivos iOS.  Duplicación de AirPlay: reproduce el contenido del dispositivo en Apple TV u otros dispositivos compatibles.  VoiceOver: es un lector de pantalla que guía a través del sistema sin necesidad de.. Video et airdrop - ClipVL.Net - Kênh video hài hước, clip giải trí, video game tổng hợp hay nhất được cập nhật liên tục. Voilà une petite vidéo encore adressé aux utilisateurs de Mac qui vous aidera à vous servir de AirDrop et donc savoir comment.

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Switch airdrop. iPhone 7 and 8: How To Air Drop With iOS 11 and The New Control Center. Melvin Thompson Tahun Yang lalu. Switch Airdrop от биржи Dobi Exchange Павел Колесников 2 hari yang lalu. Turn ON AirDrop on MAC Northville Tech 2 tahun yang lalu macOS High Sierra introduces many new features to Mac users. type Default Favorites includes Airdrop, Recents, Apps, Downloads ## Assorted Take Live Photos during FaceTime Both sides are notified a photo was taken Universal Clipboard now works between Macs as well as iOS devices PIP.. How to Use AirDrop | AirDrop Guide 2017. Year ago. Free EOS Airdrop List - How To Receive Free Airdrops. AirDrop Not Working on Mac / iPhone [Fix] AirDrop allows you to send files to and from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. In this tutorial video, David will show you In this video I show you how to Enable/Disable Airdrop on a Mac. If this helped you please drop a like, I'd really appreciate it ..On iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac Instantly ALL IPHONES: HOW TO USE AIRDROP TO TRANSFER PHOTOS, VIDEOS, CONTACTS, ETC How to use TO TRANSFER PHOTOS, VIDEOS, CONTACTS, ETC How to use AirDrop iPhone 7 and 8: How To Air Drop With iOS 11 and The New Control Center

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Airdrop là gì? Cách kiếm tiền với Airdrop như thế nào? Chúng ta cùng tìm hiểu qua video này. Airdrop là gì - giải đáp cho nhiều bạn còn thắc mắc A vendre Apple Mac Mini 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo 3Mb L3 cache (2010) ; 4Gb RAM ; 2 disques de 500Gb HD. Poids : 1,22Kg ; Dimensions : 19,7 x 19,7cm ; hauteur 3,6cm Ce Mac est extrêmement compact et peut être connecté à tous les moniteurs de toutes marques

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Theo Neowin, Office for Mac 2011 được Microsoft tung ra vào tháng 10.2010, là bộ văn phòng gồm Word, Excel, Powerpoint, cho người dùng chạy hệ điều hành macOS. Tuy nhiên, vào năm 2015 Microsoft đã tung ra phiên bản Office for Mac 2016 để thay thế bản cũ Airdrop Microbit - Airdrop MicroBit Как получить 2500 MBC tokens #mbc #ethereum #airdrop, Drone Payload Dropper Concept Using the ARM Based Micro:bit, microbit_藍牙傳輸, Install BBC Micro:Bit into Arduino IDE for Linux, microbit blink, Best and Cheap Apple AirPods Clone Categorys: high sierra mac os macos sierra apple 10 windows macosx how to 14 vmware on sierra high macos size screen fix Cnet Tested The Verge EverythingApplePro Jonathan Morrison adrianisen Xeetechcare Wired TeQreation LinusTechTips Pocketnow Android Authority TechRax.. This video shows you how to set up Time Machine in Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra and back up your entire Mac to an external hard drive as well as retrieving one or more files or folders from your backup disk. Backups are very important to safeguard your files, and family photos, music and movies

IOST - Airdrop, получил 1000 IOST. Hace 4 meses. Конкурс на 500 РУБЛЕЙ - esvid.net/video/vídeo-o7NwBt6amg0.html IOST - hub.iost.io/register?inviteCode=HkbYL27V7. Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. He has a MAC mini, late 2014. He got your directions to work except there is a problem with it. I am running OS High Sierra and I'm having problems with the share feature to file and to facebook. I thought I might work around it by using my old iMovie 9.0.9 which your video.. lll➤ Looking for the current Crypto Market Ads airdrop or bounty of June 2019? Crypto Market Ads is airdropping a total of $450,000 worth of CMA tokens to the airdrop participants Could you put a link on showing where to get Sierra to put on a USB drive ? I have to do a total repair on my 2009 Mac book I installed Sierra on my late 2009 MacBook.. It is extremely slow....so if I am unable to replace the parts in video... would it This Mac can work with AirDrop. I'm using it right now